Casino Strategy 101: Variance Part Two: How to Mitigate Swings

Casino Strategy 101: Variance Part Two: How to Mitigate Swings

While there is no way to overcome the negative effects of variance, it can be mitigated by using a combination of bankroll management and bonuses.

Basically, you won’t completely reverse bad luck by managing money and collecting free credits. However, these techniques can alleviate the potential harm.

Conversely, if you ignored that advice and wagered £ 10 a hand, that type of run would cost you 50% of your £ 1,000 bankroll.

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Make bonuses part of your betting strategy

In addition to bankroll management, bonuses can help mitigate bad streaks.

In the context of variance mitigation, consider the following scenario:

  • Play malaysia online betting website a Jurassic Park slot for an hour and lose £ 35.
  • You notice that the promotional page has a 25 percent reload bonus.
  • Use your extra credits to win £ 25.
  • Place enough bets to satisfy the game and lose only £ 10.
  • At this point, you will have unlocked your £ 25 bonus and £ 25 winnings,
  • In total, this means you will have added £ 40 to your balance (50 – 10) for a total profit of £ 5.

Things may not always work out this way, but the potential exists. If you can learn how to use bonuses productively, instead of wasting them, you can compensate for the variance.

The variance will always fluctuate in both directions. Sometimes the results will work in your favor, sometimes they won’t.

As a player, you should focus on making the best move in a given scenario. However, for the times you make the right move and the attacks of bad luck, all is not lost.

Bankroll management and bonuses are safety nets. By adding these to your arsenal, you will not only have the opportunity to equalize your results, but become a better overall casino player.

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