Roulette strategy 101: the “cover the table” system

In online roulette, you have a variety of betting options, each of which pays different odds.

35 Numbers

Single Stake: £ 1

Total Stake: £ 35

Covered Numbers: 35

Potential Profit: £ 1

Choose 35 numbers and place one stake unit on each. If a number comes in, you win £ 35 plus your original bet. Otherwise if you lose, you will lose £ 35.

11 Streets

Single Stake: £ 1

Total Stake: £ 11

Covered Numbers: 33

Potential Earnings: £ 1

17 Split Bet

Single Stake: £ 1

Total Stake: £ 17

Covered Numbers: 34

Potential Profit: £ 1

A split is a bet on two contiguous numbers, which pays 17/1. Two numbers will lose, and if one of them appears your bet will be a loser.

5 Double Street Bet Single Stake: £ 1 Total Stake: £ 5 Covered Numbers: 30 Potential Profit: A winning bet returns £ 1 as a profit, but you lose if you hit the other two double streets, or zero.

Bet 1-18 and 3rd Dozen

Single Stake: £ 1

Total Stake: £ 5

Covered Numbers: 30

Potential Profit: £ 1

If you prefer outside bets, the 1-18 and third dozen plan can be a good plan to cover yours. betting. Bet £ 3 on area 1-18 and £ 2 on the third dozen. Both areas pay 1/1. If a zero lands, he will throw any outside bets, street bets, or split bets that appear.

The “Cover the table” system also does not take into account any discounts.

What happens if you end a long period of losses? You could fall into a hundred-pound hole before you start seeing modest returns.

Try the Cover the Table system

Online roulette is a game where the odds are always turned against the player. However, by covering your betting options, you can increase your chances of earning long-term profits.…